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Success Stories

ALTC or the Adult Learning & Training Centre is a non-profit organization that provides adults with a wide selection of educational and training programs. ALTC courses are offered at no charge, and are provided in one-on-one or small group settings. With focused instruction, students are able to learn faster and more efficiently. They can also get assistance more readily if there is something they do not understand about the subject matter.

ALTC courses prepare students for better work opportunities and further education. These programs enable students to learn specific skill sets and to better manage their lives. ALTC are essential for developing self-improvement, increasing capability in specific tasks, and progressing to the next stage in life.

Over the years, ALTC has trained and educated numerous adult students and helped them live more fulfilling, more rewarding, and more productive lives. Here are some testimonials from some of our students who have made significant changes to their lives with the help of ALTC courses.

ALTC has helped provide me with specific skills necessary for getting into college. After being out of school for so long, I had some doubts about being able to resume my education. With the help of ALTC, I am now enrolled in college full time.
– Dave S. (currently enrolled in college)

Enrolling in ALTC was one of the best steps I have taken toward the career I have always wanted. The skills I learned at ALTC have been invaluable in opening up new opportunities for me and helping me take advantage of my skills.
– Karen W. (currently working as a clerk)

Computers have always interested me, but I had very few opportunities to learn even the most basic skills. Enrolling in ALTC helped me develop the basic skills necessary to become a computer technician.
– Malik F. (currently working as a computer technician)

Before I enrolled at ALTC, I felt my career had hit a dead-end. It seemed I had exhausted all possibilities for improvement, and my options were severely limited. With the help of ALTC, I was recently promoted and now my career options are better than ever!
– Jenny C. (recently promoted)