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Essential Skills

Interested in learning a specific skill or improving your employment opportunities? Perhaps you are thinking of continuing your education or simply just becoming more capable of managing your life? Regardless of your goals, if they involve improving your skills and capabilities, ALTC

The Adult Learning & Training Centre or ALTC is a non-profit organization that provides adults with a variety of training and educational programs. These programs are provided in one-on-one or small group settings, enhancing the flow of communication between instructors and students. Because the instructor is able to focus on just a few students–or even just a single one–concepts can be more thoroughly explained and any issues can quickly be addressed.

ALTC offers a variety of technical instruction and skills improvement programs. These are designed to help adult students to learn or become better at specific skills. ALTC courses can also help improve a person’s chances for getting a better job or a promotion. They may also help a person prepare for further education or to simply get better at a variety of life management tasks and skills. Some of the courses offered at ALTC are:

• Reading
• Writing
• Math
• Basic computer skills
• Work specific skills

By going through these courses, students will be prepared to handle tasks that most people do routinely. They will be better able to manage their finances, they may be able to find better jobs or finally land a promotion, and function as productive members of society.

ALTC courses are ideally suited to those who wish to learn specific skill sets for work. Nowadays, computer capability is a must, and candidates who go through ALTC courses will be able to carry out basic computer tasks. As with other skills that may be learned in the ALTC programs, this particular skill can help improve a person’s employability and increase his chances for further advancement in his chosen field.