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FAQ – Adult Learning & Training Centre

What is ALTC?
ALTC is the Adult Learning & Training Centre, a non-profit organization that provides adults with a variety of education and training programs.

How much does it cost to enroll at ALTC?
All education and training courses at ALTC are offered for free (no charge).

What types of programs does ALTC offer?
ALTC offers a variety of basic work and life skills, which can help increase a person’s employability and enable a more productive and rewarding life. Among these are:

• Reading
• Writing
• Math
• Basic computer skills
• Work specific skills

What is the ALTC approach to training and instruction?
The ALTC approach emphasizes on one-to-one or small group instruction. This enables our instructors to provide in-depth instruction in a more manageable setting. With this method, students learn faster and more efficiently. In addition, students have the support that they need for dealing with more difficult lessons and subject matters.

What does ALTC prepare students for?
Students who undergo ALTC training will learn a variety of skills that can make them more productive contributing members to society. They will be able to carry out essential life management tasks and have better employment opportunities available to them.

Who should enroll at ALTC?
Anyone who is interested in enhancing his or her knowledge and skill set is a good candidate for ALTC. Those with specific goals for employment and taking the next step in life will benefit considerably from the programs that we offer. You should consider enrolling at ALTC if you are interested in:

• Learning how to read and write
• Learning a specific skill
• Getting better at managing your finances
• Becoming computer capable
• Continuing your education
• Increasing and improving your employment opportunities

ALTC can help you achieve all these goals and more, and it does so in a thoroughly professional and supportive environment that encourages active learning and participation.