The Adult Learning & Training Centre

Who we are:
ALTC is a non-profit organization that offers free support and training for basic employability, work, and life skills. We focus on one to one or small group instruction in reading, writing, math, basic computer skills, and work specific skills. We help adults reach their own goals which may include things like:

  • becoming better readers and writers
  • improving math skills
  • finding a job
  • going on to further education
  • learning to use the computer
  • and learning basic skills for specific jobs

What we do:

Learners come to ALTC for many reasons. They may want help learning to:

  • helping children with their homework
  • read to their children
  • look up phone numbers
  • read the newspaper
  • read a driver’s manual
  • study any sort of manual for a test
  • write letters and fill out forms
  • get a job
  • work in specific jobs
  • measure ingredients for a recipe
  • count change or figure out the taxes on a purchase
  • plan a household budget
  • learn to use the computer
  • Canadian Business College

Do you want to improve your basic skills? Do you want to upgrade your job skills? Do you know someone else who does? Help is available at the Adult Learning and Training Centre. Our services are free and confidential.

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Success Stories
– ALTC has helped provide me with specific skills necessary for getting into college. After being out of school for so long, I had some doubts about being able to resume my education. With the help of ALTC, I am now enrolled in college full time.



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